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geschenkwensen euromillions AdvertisementIn an ideal world, I鈥檇 be able to test exactly the same system with just the CPU and motherboard swapped out, but laptops have much more nuanced designs than desktops, and not all laptop makers, also known as OEMs, have both an Intel and AMD version of the same laptops. (Lenovo is currently the exception.)As such, my test systems including the following:Asus ROG Flow X13: AMD Ryzen 9 5980HS @ 3.0-4.8 GHz, 8-cores/16-threads, GTX 1650 Max-Q, 32GB DRAMAsus ROG Zephyrus G14: AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS @ 3.0-4.3GHz, 8-cores/16-threads, RTX 2060 Max-Q, 16GB DRAMLenovo IdeaPad Slim 7: AMD Ryzen 7 4800U @ 1.8-4.2 GHz, 8-cores/16-threads, with Radeon Graphics, 16GB DRAMMSI Prestige 14 Evo: Intel Core i7-1185G7 @ 3.00 GHz, 4-cores/8-threads, with Iris Xe Graphics, 16GB DRAMMSI Creator 15: Intel Core i7-10875H @ 2.13-5.10 GHz, 8-cores/16-threads, RTX 2060, 16GB DRAM Dell XPS 17 9700: Intel Core i7-10875H @ 2.13-5.10 GHz, 8-cores/16-threads, RTX 2060 Max-Q, 16GB DRAMApple MacBook Pro 13-inch: M1 processor @ 3.20 GHz, 8-cores (4 鈥渂ig,鈥 4 鈥渓ittle鈥?, 16GB DRAMAdvertisementAdvertisementBecause some of these systems were tested at different times, most of the charts below don鈥檛 include every single system. For instance, the Intel Core i7-10875H from the Dell XPS laptop was included in the Geekbench 5 results, not the MSI Creator 15, because Geekbench 5 data was not available for that system. Data from either Core i7-10875H system was not included in the Cinebench results because no data was available. Each graph is labeled accordingly with what Core i7-10875H system was used, as appropriate鈥攂ut overall the Ryzen 9 5980HS is compared with at least one other Intel, AMD, and Apple system.Let鈥檚 start with raw CPU performance. If looking at these benchmarks doesn鈥檛 make you go 鈥渟hiiiiiiiiiit,鈥 I鈥檓 not sure what will. Advertisement setTimeout(() => const adSlot = document.querySelector(.apscustom); const adFallback = document.querySelector(.ars-fallback); if (adSlot) if has been read, but theres no ad, then show the fallback if (adFallback && adSlot.offsetHeight Joanna Nelius/Gizmodo Higher is better. Core i7-10875H results measured from the Dell XPS 17 9700 system. Graphic: Joanna Nelius/GizmodoHigher is better.Graphic: Joanna Nelius/Gizmodo Higher is better. Graphic: Joanna Nelius/GizmodoAdvertisementYou can skip ad after 1 secondYou can go to the next slide after 1 secondContinueLower is better. Core i7-10875H results measured from the MSI Creator 15 system. Graphic: Joanna Nelius/Gizmodo 1 / 5The Ryzen 9 5980HS has the highest multi-core benchmarks I鈥檝e ever seen in a mobile processor. Like, it鈥檚 not even a contest between it and the other Intel/Apple CPUs. Ryzen 9 5980HS way out performs both the 8-core i7-10875H and Apple M1 in Geekbench 5 and Cinebench R23鈥攅specially in Cinebench R23.AdvertisementAMD comes pretty damn close to Intel and Apple in single core performance, too. In Cinebench, the Ryzen 9 5980HS is only six points behind the M1, yet has about a 170-point lead over the Core i7-1185G7. It doesn鈥檛 fare as well in Geekbench 5, falling behind the M1 by about 200 points, but the Ryzen 9 5980HS is only 30 points behind the Core i7-1185G7. However, putting the Flow X13 laptop into turbo mode pushes it past Apple鈥檚 M1 by about 15 points, making it the leader of the pack here. Not every laptop has a turbo mode, though, so for the sake of keeping things as consistent as possible from laptop to laptop, I don鈥檛 do the main testing in turbo mode鈥攅ither balanced or performance, depending on what鈥檚 available. The MSI Prestige 14 Evo only has a balanced mode, for instance.AdvertisementI did run the Ryzen 9 5980HS against Intel鈥檚 Core i9-10885H in Geekbench 4, because Geekbench 4 results were the only results I had on hand for that Intel mobile processor; AMD was about 300 points higher than Intel in single core performance, and about 2500 points higher in multicore. The Ryzen 9 5980HS also did decently well in our Civilization VI AI test, out-classing both Apple鈥檚 M1 and Intel鈥檚 Core i7-1185G7, but, oddly, falling behind its Ryzen 9 4900HS predecessor. (Geekbench 4 puts the Ryzen 9 5980HS ahead of the Ryzen 9 4900HS by 1100 points in the single core test, and over 3000 in the multi-core.) That could be due to DRAM speed or memory timings, or even clock speeds, and without re-testing the Ryzen 9 4900HS it鈥檚 hard to say for sure. AdvertisementThe oddity of that result does highlight something about AMD鈥檚 newest mobile processor, and processors in general鈥攈ow a laptop is configured can produce noticeable differences, even if the basic spec list is the same. Anything from how the display is tilted to thermal design and airflow can change the performance of a similarly specced system. If the screen isn鈥檛 tilted at just the right angle on the Flow X13, you can gain an entire minute of rendering time in Blender. No joke!Lower is better. Core i7-10875H results measured from the MSI Creator 15 system. Graphic: Joanna Nelius/Gizmodo Lower is better. Core i7-10875H results measured from the MSI Creator 15 system. Graphic: Joanna Nelius/Gizmodo Lower is better.Graphic: Joanna Nelius/Gizmodo 1 / 3AdvertisementBut all the raw power of the CPU really shines though in some of our other tests, Blender specifically. Rendering the same 3D image in Blender took about six and a half minutes for the Ryzen 9 5980HS, which is the fastest out of the six processors on the chart above. AMD鈥檚 processor also performed admirably well transcoding a 4K video to 1080p, 30fps in Handbrake, although it did fall behind the Ryzen 9 4900HS slightly. However, putting the Flow X13 in turbo mode drops the transcoding time just enough for the Ryzen 9 5980HS to be a few seconds faster than the Ryzen 9 4900HS.AMD鈥檚 Ryzen 9 5980HS also performs well exporting an MP4 video in Adobe Premiere Pro to an HEVC codec. Although about 20 seconds slower than the Core i7-1185G7, it was still much faster than Apple鈥檚 M1.AdvertisementNot only is the Ryzen 9 5980HS one of the fastest mobile gaming processors out there, but it鈥檚 also one of the best at handling creative workflow tasks thanks to its excellent single and multi-core performance. Getting to finally see it in action makes me all the more excited to see this processor paired with an RTX 3060 or higher. AMD tied Intel in gaming performance with its Ryzen 5000 series desktop processors, and I bet it鈥檒l see the same results once I get my hands on a few new laptops with RTX 30-series cards.The thing holding back the Ryzen 9 5980HS, which I talk more about in my Asus ROG Flow X13 review, is the GTX 1650. Not even the ultra slim design causes any thermal issues (except for the screen tilt!), so I鈥檓 super stoked to see what this CPU can do in a design meant to really show it off.

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    geschenkwensen euromillions AdvertisementOn the inside of the camera sits GoPro鈥檚 first proprietary processor called the GP1, and that little chip has effectively doubled the framerates the new camera can capture, compared to the Hero5. That means it can shoot 4K video at 60 frames per second and 1080p at 240fps. My final videos are typically 24fps (it looks more cinematic than 30fps), so that means you can slow 4K video down to 40-percent speed, and you can slow 1080p video down to 1/10th of real-time. 1080p240 is definitely the banner feature here as you can see in the 1080p footage comparison video below:1080p footage comparison and review video with slow-motion goodness.Philosopher Dave Chappelle once said, 鈥淓verything looks better in slow motion,鈥 and he was basically right. Being able to shoot 1080p at 120fps for five times the slow motion was really sweet, but 240fps for ten times the slo-mo is entering a whole other realm. Moments that pass by in an instant are suddenly clearly preserved in a way that your eye can appreciate. Water takes on a whole new life. When watching a bird fly away you can see each individual feather flex and rotate as it flaps. It鈥檚 just. So. Freaking. Cool. I found myself wanting to film all kinds of things that I normally wouldn鈥檛 care about (hello, blowing bubbles underwater) just to see what it looks like in slow motion.AdvertisementAdvertisementCamerasActionGoPro Hero6What is it?A more expensive action camera with gorgeous slow motion.Price0LikeThe slow motion is insane, as is the dynamic range.No LikeA couple of irritating bugs and so so mic quality.GoPro also touted its new electronic image stabilization as its best yet. The good news is that at 1080p it works extremely well. The images are smooth, and while you lose a bit of the field of view (it crops 10 percent off the sides) it doesn鈥檛 appear to reduce image quality. Unfortunately, that鈥檚 not the case for stabilized 4K video. With 4K, that 10 percent costs you, with images becoming noticeably more pixilated and glitchy. It probably wouldn鈥檛 seem so bad except that Sony鈥檚 X3000R Action Camera exists. That Sony is the only action cam that has optical image stabilization, and hoo boy is it smooth! Not only that, it doesn鈥檛 have to crop the edges so there鈥檚 zero quality loss or field of view loss at 4K. Overall, the Sony isn鈥檛 nearly as easy to use as the Hero6, and I experienced a lot of bugs with it, as well as some significant image quality issues, which I address in the test-footage videos (1080p video above, 4K video below).4K test footage comparison.On the 4K side, the Hero6 looks great. When it first launched there were some issues with colors being massively oversaturated, and that was somewhat blinding in 4K, but GoPro just pushed out a firmware update and now the colors look far more accurate but still have plenty of vibrance. The only other action camera that can shoot 4K60 is the Yi 4K+, which, at 0, is a full two Benjamins cheaper than the Hero6, but man, you get what you pay for. Not only did the Yi consistently have the worst image quality of the crew but it was also a serious headache to use, with constant card errors (despite using three different cards) and other bugs.Advertisement setTimeout(() => const adSlot = document.querySelector(.apscustom); const adFallback = document.querySelector(.ars-fallback); if (adSlot) if has been read, but theres no ad, then show the fallback if (adFallback && adSlot.offsetHeight

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